Oct. 1, 2012 04:10

Grape Ape

When he hit the Saturday morning cartoon scene in 1975, Grape Ape was one misunderstood mammal, frightening until people got to know his gentle, playful side. In that way, he shares a lot with medical marijuana and those who don’t understand its effects. We picked this strain up from Advanced Medical Alternatives in Denver and played his sidekick Beegle Beagle for a few days, never wanting to leave his side. While it may not have been the purplest phenotype of Grape Ape we’ve ever seen, the buds were typically tight and rock solid, just like the behemoth himself. One reason patients keep coming back for this strain is the intoxicating smell and flavor, like cracking open a can of Welch’s Grape Soda in an Italian vineyard. At upwards of 90 percent indica, be careful you don’t step on your day by accidently medicating too heavily. Both a creeper and a sleeper, we couldn’t hold it against the ol‘ ape when several reviewers felt a midday nap was in order. This strain worked especially great at night, when lingering pain from arthritis or a bad back can make it hard to crash out and stay that way. Let’s just say we went “ape” for this one.

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