Oct. 1, 2012 04:05

Stoney Carrot Cake

What’s up, doc? Need a recommendation for this Stoney Carrot Cake from Ganja Goodies kitchen? Available at Harborside Health Center in San Jose, Ganja Goodies has a moist, dense slab of carrot cake slathered in a thick layer of sweet, tangy cream cheese frosting that patients love. The spiced sweet smell is amazing, and the soft moist cream cheese is very sweet and delicious. The cake is well-baked, with flecks of sweet, grated carrots. Tested by Pure Analytics, each cake contains four grams of high grade cannabis flowers, making it as an strong as an eight-dose edible. With nary a hint of cannabis taste, this baked good packs a punch. Did you know the cannabinoids found in such cakes can interrupt the development of Alzheimer’s disease as well as certain types of brain tumors? Just what the doc ordered.

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