Oct. 1, 2012 04:01

White Queen

Prepare for a royal introduction. Nirvana Wellness Center in San Jose presents White Queen—both top-shelf and without a peer in the land. This rare, mango-sweet, fruity orange hybrid allegedly crosses White Widow and Afghan Kush and these flowers look like it. We see the white trichome mats and dark leaves of White Widow, and its surprisingly bright, inviting aroma, which is more like a tropical sativa than one would think. Under the scope, the external glands of cannabinoids look much like the Afghan Kush hash plant, with lots of resin in tightly spaced, milky, thin stalks. Grinding releases notes of mint, and the smoke is thin, light with an aftertaste of fruit. White Queen works magic on stress migraines, patients report. It’s been known to cause euphoria, relaxation and stimulate appetite as well. Hail to the queen.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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