Oct. 1, 2012 03:36


Earlier this year, CULTURE staffers were musing about caramels being “the next big thing” in edibles—a theory we based on the number of “chew”-type offerings we started seeing at collectives. Fortunately, The Closet in Riverside offers patients Cavi-Taffy edibles for those interested in exploring new advancements in cannabis ingestion. We sampled the 100mg Blue Dream and 200mg Cantaloupe taffies and were pleased and surprised at the results. Surprised because despite the fact that these taffies are made with CO2 hash oil, there’s virtually none of that acrid “spiciness” often associated with concentrates. And we were surprised at how much a small bit of edible will go towards medicating you from head to toe. Cavi-Taffy is no hammer blow to the head (or body). Instead, the effects—while strong and pronounced—come on gradually, like a warm velvet blanket slowly covering your body or warm maple syrup drizzling down the sides of your head. These are very strong—when they say 200mg they mean it—and definitely  intended for severe discomfort and pain. Life is sweet again.

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