Oct. 1, 2012 03:35

Melt in Your Mind Cheesecake

Do not underestimate this cheesecake. Seriously. Take our word for it—it’s that strong. The Melt in Your Mind Cheesecake, available from Access OC Caregivers in Santa Ana, we sampled was a paragon of potency and perfection, delivering top-notch pain-killing effects (courtesy of “12 grams of XXX butter in every pie!” according to the packaging) to every nook and cranny of our bodies. Even patients with very high tolerances for edibles reported the exquisite potency of this baked delight. This pie may be lovingly hand-crafted with cream cheese, lime (you’ll taste the zing!), vanilla and a graham cracker crust—but don’t let its creamy, dreamy appearance fool you. We recommend that patients (novice or otherwise) only eat a quarter of the pie the first time out. We sampled the entire pie and were figuratively and literally floored (paralyzed?) for a good two hours. If you need to knock severe neuropathic pain out of the ballpark, this pie will do it in spades. Be cautious, be  safe.

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