Oct. 1, 2012 03:34

Alien OG

From Green Kiss Collective in North Hollywood, this formidable 100-pecent indica is positively otherworldly in beauty and strength. The bulbous, multicolored buds—fuzzy green on the edges, a riot of gold and orange at the center—are so steeped in resin that the nugs almost dissolve on the tongue. It burns fast and hot, producing prodigious amounts of billowing smoke and leaving behind bowls of perfectly white ash—signs of good flushing. The partly fruity, partly alkaline taste is as clean and crisp as its smoke, calling to mind a word not usually applied to marijuana: refreshing. Alien OG is far and away the strongest cannabis we’ve sampled in a while, yielding a kind of slipped-from-the-mooring, drifting-away sensation. If Major Tom had brought some of this bud with him, he’d have had a much easier time on his odyssey. Far from the psychedelic effects of sativa, the stone here is solid indica—sedative, muscle-numbing, down-to-the-bone pain relief. If you regularly suffer from arthritis, insomnia, nausea or chronic pain, this is the medicine you want to keep on hand.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
Available at various collectives throughout California.The Bay Area’s Bloom Farms™ continues to make a splash with their gorgeous, elegant HIGHLIGHTER™ vape pen and cartridges. They come in...