Oct. 1, 2012 03:33


We don’t know how this heavenly indica-dominant hybrid from 7411 Lankershim in North Hollywood came by its name, but like Tahoe itself, it possesses a powerful natural beauty. The buds are big and long—the result of thick, broad leaves expertly cured and trimmed—and hued an almost solid sea-foam green. The perfume is delicately sweet—almost cloying, like a hothouse orchid—with an equally syrupy flavor. We stopped counting the different fruits detected in the taste after lemons, blackberries and cherries. Tahoe (which counts Greenhouse as one of its parents) produces one of those buzzes that start off so strong you hear a roaring between your ears before nature eases back on the throttle and leaves you in a state of thorough befuddlement. While that’s not exactly what you want when operating, say, a buzz saw, it’s a great way to deal with truly chronic pain, as when trying to get through the night when the arthritis is acting up or severe neuropathy is getting you down. The potency of the high is such that it’s also an outstanding mood lifter.

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