Oct. 1, 2012 03:27

Firewalker OG

We’d been aching to try this instant classic from Terra Holistic Collective in Garden Grove ever since hearing of its parental origins, the great Skywalker and Fire OG varieties. The product of this union is exactly what you’d expect, given the eccentric characteristics of donor strains: super-dense, marble-shaped buds, fuzzy-velvet green shot throughout with golden blond hairs and an earthy bouquet with decidedly dank under-notes. For all its sharp perfumes and spicy-hot flavor, Firewalker OG has an underlying sweetness that can only be the result of Skywalker’s Blueberry lineage. Billed as a pure indica, the strain’s stone begins as a blanket of warmth that stretches from the head down to the soles of the feet. After sampling it twice, we couldn’t help but notice a pronounced calming effect on the nerves and a slight numbness about the face and neck. Firewalker OG is, more than anything, a fabulous medium for chilling out after a hard day—just the ticket when dealing with stress-related anxiety and headaches, hypertension and anxiety disorders.

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