Oct. 1, 2012 03:27

BTY (Better Than Yours)

Straight out of the bottle, BTY—or Better Than Yours—makes the grand promise that it’s superior to whatever else you may have on your green medicine shelf. That’s a bold statement, to quote the late Vinnie Vega: Sure, this 100-percent indica, which we found at Green Cloud Collective in Moreno Valley, is a beautiful strain, with sage and hazelnut-colored, tapered buds and fuzzy, spear-shaped nugs. Flavor-wise, BTY’s spearmint bite and toasted rice finish is unique enough to stand out from the pack. But does it get you to the Promised Land? In a word: Yes. BTY packs a roundhouse of a punch, hitting you seemingly from out of nowhere and putting a stagger in your step. It’s what can only be described as a “consistent” stone—the intensity doesn’t build or plateau, but simply sets in fast and maintains a deep level of intensity for hours. That unwavering, “I can’t believe I’m still high” quality makes BTY a good remedy for chronic nerve pain and severe muscle injuries, and an excellent treatment for nausea and loss of appetite from chemotherapy. 

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