Oct. 1, 2012 11:36

Thoroughly Modern Lily

Lily Tomlin’s comedic—and dramatic—accomplishments span the decades. Here are some selected highlights from this talented actress’ resume:


Lily Tomlin makes her first national television debut on The Garry Moore Show. Who knew tap dancing barefoot could get you a job!


Her album This Is a Recording peaks at No. 15 on Billboard’s Hot 200 albums list and wins her a Grammy for Best Comedy Recording.


Tomlin appears on the cover of TIME magazine as “The New Queen of Comedy.” That same year she also debuts her solo Broadways show Appearing Nitely.


9 to 5 debuts on screens across the country, immortalizing every secretary’s fantasy: getting revenge on your boss—and smoking a joint afterward!


Jane Wagner’s The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe earns Tomlin a Tony Award.


Tomlin is nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role in the television miniseries And the Band Played On, a docudrama about the early days of the AIDS epidemic.


Tomlin begins voicing the character of Ms. Frizzle on the animated kid’s show The Magic School Bus. Lucky kids.


Lily Tomlin plays Deborah Fiderer, executive assistant to the President, in The West Wing. She goes on to earn three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.


Tomlin joins newly launched website (www.wowowow.com) as part of an effort to create an online community run and operated by women,


Showtime launches Web Therapy, in which Tomlin plays Putsy Hodge, a money-troubled, cannabis-loving mother to Lisa Kudrow’s character.


Malibu Country—a new ABC show in which Tomlin plays a medical marijuana-using mother—is set to debut in November.
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