Aug. 30, 2012 03:49

Black Out Brownies

Brownies infused with cannabutter are a dime a dozen in western Washington these days. Some work very well, others hardly at all. Wicked Delights’ Black Out Brownies fall into the “very well” category. And the “made with extra strong butter” category. That’s right, this is a very strong brownie and will rub out pain in all but the toughest of cases—we can vouch for that ourselves. But if there’s one thing we hate about super-strong edibles, it’s that they produce major agitation and can make the mind wander too much. But this tasty, dripping-with-butter brownie from Olympia’s Northwest Alternative Care manages to create four to six hours of effects without putting you on a hamster wheel of mental sprinting. That’s medicine in our book. Enjoy.

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