Aug. 30, 2012 03:17

Diablo OG Kush

We’re running with the devil. New San Jose dispensary Delta Health Center offers the coveted Diablo OG Kush, a more sedative, appetite-stimulating spinoff of the ever-popular OG. This looks like OG, alright—the tinier, dense, spiny nugs, medium-to-dark green color and thick coat of trichomes. But the smell is even more lemon-ey and chemmy than regular OG’s iconic bouquet. The great new notes come from a reported crossing of OG Kush with Diablo. Diablo takes the floral indica Blueberry and ’80s legend Grapefruit and crosses a South African sativa. Resinous and dense, a grinder is a must with Diablo OG. It tastes like it smells, deliciously citrusy, packing a powerful head rush. Patients report using hybrid strains like Diablo OG Kush to dissipate stress, disconnect from anxieties, as well as achieve moderate muscle pain relief.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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