Aug. 30, 2012 03:09

SFV OG Kush ’88

OG Kush is a dynasty. And in that dynasty few are as beloved as the original ’88 cut of San Fernando Valley OG Kush, a more dank, peppery, indica-infused version of the classic OG. It all started with Chemdawg back in the day; a fabled strain of undisputed strength, that went West to California where growers are thought to have mixed it with a lemon Thai and a Hindu Kush to yield OG Kush. It took the West Coast by storm with its hybrid mix of lemon-pine-fuel smell, and its combination of uplifting and sedative qualities. In the Valley, one grower selected his best OG Kush plant from several hundred and crossbred it with a landrace Afghani #1, a pure indica hash plant. The resulting SFV OG ’88—available at Platinum Clouds in San Jose—is exceedingly smooth, mellow, complex and highly sought after. Treats stress and pain, patients report. We heart the ’80s.

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