Aug. 30, 2012 03:06

Great Grand Daddy Purps

Anyone who’s been around the scene long enough to remember the masterpiece that was Columbian Gold will sit up and take notice of this excellent indica from Forever Green Collective in Rubidoux. Like that legendary, near-impossible-to-find-now strain, Great Grand Daddy Purps is greenish-blond, with long, irregular buds just begging to be broken up into pipe-sized nugs. Where it departs from its ’70s predecessor is in flavor—whereas Columbian Gold was spicy-hot and sour, Great Grand Daddy Purps is shockingly sweet, with notes of black plums and citrus. It burns hot and fast, making it a great variety for rolling fat joints. The variety is also reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies in that the high takes a bit to come on, building and building until you realize someone should stick a fork in you because you’re thoroughly baked. Novice patients may want to just inhale a hit or two and wait a while to see how it affects them. We found the stone thoroughly enchanting; a total-body high that’s dreamier than your typical indica and without a trace of stress. The power and duration of the edge-free high makes it a great medicine to take when suffering migraines, insomnia and arthritis, and excellent for those experiencing nausea and chronic pain.

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