Aug. 30, 2012 03:01

Bart Simpson OG

It’s easy to see why the prankster imp Bart Simpson became a stoner icon for a new generation: Devilish, playful and perpetually in trouble with authority, Bart personifies the bumbling, headed-straight-for-a-McDonald’s job pothead stereotype. But Bart Simpson OG, while both devilish and playful, has a lot more going for it than just its considerable ability to get you wrecked. A pure indica and top-shelf house favorite at Kali Culture Solutions in Garden Grove, this variety (tested at 23.6 percent THC by SC Labs) possesses a lot of the nobler qualities of Afghan Goo, right down to appearance and aroma. It’s heady, moist and rich, with a flavor very much like brown hash and a richly earthy aftertaste as if cured in a cedar chest. Really, it’s just too cultured and dignified to bring a cartoon character to mind. The buds are big, sticky and colored through and through in shades of brown, again reminding of the great Afghan varieties. This strain will knock you right off your feet for hours. The intensity of the stone is such that you’d be well-advised to schedule plenty of down time around it, staying carefully away from sharp objects and documents requiring full attention. Patients with serious ailments like cancer, MS and HIV/AIDS will want to keep this in their medicine cabinets, as will those with anxiety-related conditions or severe pain from bone injuries or migraines.

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