Aug. 30, 2012 02:57

Leilani Chow

A delightfully mellow indica from Greenhouse Care Group in Moreno Valley, Leilani Chow corners the cannabis market on all things exotically sweet. Sweet-tasting, like overripe passion fruit and with a slightly spicy yet undeniably savory finish that hints at candied ginger, the variety rounds out its tropical-fruit motif with an aroma that nods to mangoes in summer. You have to be a resident of Hawaii to access medical marijuana there, but if you’ve ever experienced the joy of pleasure of lighting up on a quiet Maui beach after a luau, inhaling Leilani Chow will take you right back to that magical moment. Recognizing that we’re mixing our ecosystems, the physical appearance of the strain might be best described as resembling desert sage or even copper ore—yellow-green on the outside and amber at the core. The heart-shaped buds are heavy but not densely packed, making for an even burn that catches easily and stays caught until it’s cashed. The stone that comes from all this is incredibly smooth and long-lasting. High-quality indicas can at times be almost too intense, a prescription for couch-lock and lost weekends. Leilani Chow is different—it’s a down-to-the-marrow high that eases your pain without shutting down your day, and that’s a good remedy to have around when you suffer from severe arthritis, muscle soreness, insomnia or appetite suppression.

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