Aug. 30, 2012 02:32

Dabba Premium Medicinal Chocolate

Fred Flintstone had a pretty great life. A wife that was way out of his league, a mean bowling game and a great catch phrase, “Yabba dabba doo!” Here in the Stoned Age, dabs have taken on an entirely new meaning, as in a “dab” of cannabis concentrates that is extremely potent. Potency is definitely on display when talking about the folks at Ivita Wellness in Denver, who carry a new Dabba Premium Medicinal Chocolate bar. Weighing in at 100MG of THC derived from only sativa plants, the box has a handy marker on the bottom that shows you exactly where to break the bar to get 20MG increments. While there is definitely cannabis flavor in each bite, it’s really well complimented by the subtle, well-balanced mint flavor. Paired with chocolate as the primary flavor, it works as neither overpowers the other. With some of the sharpest packaging in the edibles market, the box also makes a nice home for leftovers. The effects took about 20 minutes to set in for most reviewers, giving a buzz that wasn’t grounding but still met our needs for pain relief and relaxation.

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