Aug. 30, 2012 02:10

Cheese Wreck

There are relatively few areas of life where being stinky is a good thing. Predominantly, it’s marijuana and cheese. Pair the two and you’ll get Cheese Wreck, a sativa dominant-hybrid we found at Briargate Wellness Center in Colorado Springs. The product of U.K. Cheese and Arcata Trainwreck, this exclusive phenotype is known for its smaller bud structure and superior funk. Dark green foxtails are covered with light amber trichomes that break up like crumbled feta—only much stickier. While there are definitely some cheese notes present (think of a nice chunk of Roquefort), Trainwreck’s unmistakable menthol and pine are dominant. While billed as a sativa, you’ll definitely want to take it easy, as the “Wreck” portion of its name is highly accurate. Starting in the head, the effects quickly move over the entire body, feeling like a conductor who might go off the rails at any second. Muscle relaxation was noted by several reviewers, calming spasms and increasing appetites as the high progressed. We’d recommend this strain for those with a high tolerance that need a pick-me-up after a long day at the rail yards.

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