Aug. 2, 2012 06:33

Grandaddy Purp

Grandaddy Purp (or Purple, if you prefer) is a legendary, award-winning indica, brought into the world by Ken Estes. Its origins are a bit mysterious—Estes was handed seeds by a Native American in deep NorCal—but the GDP is believed to hail from a Purple Urkle/Grape Ape lineage. Whatever its source, GDP is renowned by patients—especially ones with spasms and paralysis—as a potent and effective painkiller, one best reserved for evening and night use as it can introduce sleepiness. This example from the Altercare in South Seattle is as good as any we’ve run across, given its sizable and frosty buds. It’s got that classic GDP grape odor on the nose and flavor on the palate. And here’s a tip for you patients: There is a lot of “GDP” in Washington State these days. Smell any example you encounter closely. If you don’t pick up a grape-ish whiff, move on to something else.

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