Aug. 2, 2012 06:31

619 Diesel OG Kush

We can tell you this in all honesty: We’ve never run into a disappointing strain from Shoreline’s A Green Cure Collective Garden, which does almost 100 percent of its growing in-house. They produce an outstanding LA Confidential and this 619 Diesel OG Kush offering is yet another hit from these folks. In fact, the 619 captures what Sour D/Kush crossers are chasing better than any phenotype of the East Coast-meets-West Coast examples we’ve come across. Like San Diego itself, the 619 (SD’s original area code) is all clear skies and mellow minds—which is to say that this 50-50 indica-sativa’s body-numbing effect is very potent and its high is very clear and non-agitating. That’s not a surprise from a strain testing at 22-percent THC and 2.09-percent CBD, and it all comes with a nice, anti-inflammatory feeling in your body as well. Despite its potency, experienced patients could use this as a daytime med while newer patients might want to reserve this one for evenings.

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