Aug. 2, 2012 06:21


Before most of us were patients, the smell of a skunk was enough to ruin a night in the backyard. Now, we salivate as soon as the budtender pops the top. For those of you looking to medicate without having to bathe in tomato juice afterwards, we’d recommend checking out the deceptively awesome Skunkberry from Tender Healing Care in Denver. This first-place hybrid at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is one of our favorite jars to open, the scent filling the room like a freshly baked blueberry pie cooling on a windowsill. If the buds were a dessert, it definitely looks like the baker went overboard with confectioner’s sugar, with thick patches of trichomes inside and out. One of the highlights, however, is the exceptional cure on each cola, leaving them moist and sticky without feeling wet. It’s not hard to see where the name Tender Healing Care comes from. The only time we didn’t care for the strain was before bed, as the skunk can be mentally racy as you try to sleep. Otherwise, we found this exceptional for deep pain, muscle discomfort or even a grumpy mood. Just don’t tell Pepé Le Pew—or he’ll be on a different chase altogether.
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