Aug. 2, 2012 03:41

Jade Lotus OG

Some hybrids lean so heavily on one side or the other of the sativa/indica scale that you might as well call it one or the other. Such is the case with Jade Lotus OG, a hybrid so endowed with all the fine qualities of indica that it is, for all intent and purposes, a 100-perent indica. Not that that’s a bad thing: We could spend all day trying to find something wrong with this exotic variety from Jade Lotus in Garden Grove—from its earthy, hash-like flavor and aroma right down to its bone-marrow deep buzz—and come up with zip. The Alpine-green, pear-shaped buds have a rugged look and feel to them but are remarkably fluffy and even-burning once you break them apart. Still, it burns hot, so if you suffer from respiratory ailments, we suggest you use a vaporizer. Patient beware, this strain will put you to sleep. Your mind will wander, your toes will go numb, your stress levels will slip off like clothing in a sex comedy and you will fall asleep. That’s not a good thing if you’re planning on driving anywhere, but if you’re indoors and trying to unwind after a hectic day, it may be just what the doctor ordered. Jade Lotus OG is also what the doctor had in mind for sufferers of chemo, MS, severe muscle pain, eating disorders and plain ol‘ insomnia.

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