Aug. 2, 2012 03:23

Girl Scout Cookies

From Exclusive Oak in Riverside, Girl Scout Cookies is a 70-percent indica hybrid and the New Big Thing among growers for its quick-flowering, high-yield properties and patients for its aggressively potent stone. We’re quite fond of it, too (though, to keep it real, we have to add that its name doesn’t do the medical cannabis community any favors). The sour berry bouquet, smooth-as-pie smoke and clean aftertaste are all nods to its illustrious parents—Cherry Kush, Durban Poison and OG Kush—while its high has to be experienced to be believed. While said to weigh in at about a 23-percent THC count, Girl Scout Cookie feels much stronger. This reviewer can honestly say it knocked him right into a prone position. For those appreciative of master cultivars at work, Girl Scout Cookie buds are a pleasure to behold—kidney-shaped, with gold-colored tendrils wrapped around fat buds that can only be described as chartreuse in hue, and sugar-coated around with fine white trichomes. From its appearance alone, it’s easy to see why this great variety is making such big waves up in Mendocino County, where all the good things happen. Add it all up—the delicious smoke, stunning stone and top-flight aesthetics—and you’ve got a great medicine for patients with nerve damage, nausea, severe back pain and chronic migraines.

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