July 6, 2012 01:46

Dr. J’s Caramellowz

Caramel is simple by nature, usually consisting of sugar, butter and little else. You can’t fake your way through it, each batch requiring the same finesse as the one that preceded it. Dr. J’s newest entry into this market, Caramellowz, is a welcome one. Like their brand, this is more than just a devilishly clever take on an old name. Caramellowz are a striking success in consistency, potency and—most importantly—flavor. The first bite is smooth and velvety, with a few chews giving way to melt-in-your-mouth serenity. Brown sugar mixed with cream gives an impressive depth of flavor and richness, tempered by vanilla in a pleasant finish. The real star, however, is the hash-infused butter, which can at times throw a wrench into the plans of even the most experienced caramel cook. Flecks of the concentrate can be seen much more easily than tasted, a feat seldom accomplished in the edibles market. With a whopping 250mg in each roll, we’d recommend keeping it wrapped and simply slicing off small portions to begin. Caramel has a natural tendency to lose shape when hot and with such high potency, you’ll want to experiment before committing to a full roll.

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