July 6, 2012 01:44


In 1982, things like virtual reality and computers that could think for themselves were considered science fiction. It’s now 30 years since Tron debuted in theatres and we live in a much different world, so to see a strain named after the film at Green Earth Wellness Center in Colorado Springs surprised us a bit. Needless to say, we’ve become fanboys of this sweet sativa. A cross of Northern Lights (or Northern Light Cycle?) and an unknown sativa, this strain has been kicking around for over 15 years. The tight, elongated buds with their light orange hairs reminded several staffers of island sativas, but with a more prominent NL pine cleaner scent and a hint of skunk. Users were impressed with the immediacy of the effects, almost like the strain hardwires right into your brain. The last thing we wanted to do was sit at a computer, instead feeling a lightness of body that made the desire to get out and play a hard one to ignore. We’d recommend this as a great strain before heading to a park with your kids or hitting the pavement for a jog—at least until they invent the light cycle.
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