July 6, 2012 01:34

Dead Head OG

Swerve from The Cali Connection knows OGs like the back of a nutes bottle, which is to say in incredible detail. After claiming multiple awards at the 24th annual High Times Cannabis Cup, Cali Connect beans have been sprouting up all over Colorado, including Golden, where Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine has one of our favorites: Dead Head OG. Much like the band from which its namesake is derived, Dead Head has picked up a cult following for its ability to improvise, with different phenotypes having distinct characteristics. The long, slender nugs have an amazing density—almost like squeezing a Brillo Pad—and shamrock-colored sugar leaves covered in a more Pink Floyd-esque patch of shiny trichome diamonds. There is a discernible funk that emanates from the bag, like a pair of shoes filled with parmesan cheese and left in the back of a VW bus on a hot summer afternoon. For a hybrid, this strain definitely left some reviewers feeling gassed, with a body high that certainly doesn’t make you feel like jam-dancing. Throw on an old record, though, as it’s not nearly as mentally crushing and it can be a blast once you get the hang of it.

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