July 6, 2012 12:23

Bush League

Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to run into a rare strain of unknown genetics that proves memorable. Such is the case with Canna Rx’s Bush League strain. Already gaining a reputation among MS patients, it’s a fine painkiller and even knocks down peripheral spasms. This makes it an almost “must try” strain for chronic pain patients of any kind. Bush League is a proprietary strain, 100 percent indica, named for a memorably heated encounter between a medical grower and a collective operator. We’re told it’s a cross of Dutch Treat and “some random male seed” created a few years back and passed along in clone-only form. Bush League is a heavy daytime strain—strong but not sleep-inducing—but would probably be best-suited to evenings. Canna Rx in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood claims that its own testing produced THC at 19.5 percent and a THCv reading of 4 percent. And, yes, it is that strong. (THCv is thought to be a modulator of THC itself.)

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