July 6, 2012 12:11

Earth Shaker

From Mid-County Patients Association in Anaheim, Earth Shaker may have derived its name from its propensity to sneak up on you with devastating effect. Part of the surprise of this 80-percent indica blend stems from its disarming appearance: The fluffy, lightweight buds and mildly cheesy bouquet might fool some into thinking it’s not as potent as it very much is. But the practiced eye will notice right away that the frost in Earth Shaker’s frosted-pea hues is from all those milky-white trichomes. The fact that it’s a part of a family of strains with a reputation for high THC/CBD yields is another early indication of the wonders locked within its leaves. Earth Shaker has a blond-hash-like taste—sweet and slightly acrid—with notes of lemongrass. Its loosely packed buds produce a remarkably cool smoke, making it both great for rolling and ideal for people with respiratory ailments. Of its 20-percent sativa lineage we felt nothing—just a smooth, lofty and lengthy buzz characteristic of pure indica. That sensation of painless ease would feel good under any circumstances, but is of particular importance for those with severe nerve pain, migraines or who experience panic attacks. We can’t recommend this medicine for these folks enough.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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