June 7, 2012 04:39

SoKind Cookie

I love it when an edible has visual appeal. Case in point: the SoKind Cookie that you can find at The Bud Stop in North Hollywood (they also have a San Fernando Valley location, too). Covered with a thick coating of green frosting and detailed appropriately to look like a smiley face, this edible’s visual message is clear: Don’t worry, be happy. That’s the promise that SoKind Cookies make. Infused with plenty of cannabutter (made with an 80/20 percent, indica/sativa hybrid that’s perfect for calming nerves), this baked goodie’s cunning mix of semisweet and white chocolate chips, brown sugar and cocoa butter provides the bedrock for pure unadulterated physical relief. And—discriminating patients, pay attention—the cannabutter used to prepare these cookies is made from flowers as opposed to trimmings (or as SoKind calls it, “trash”) so you can rest assured the body effects delivered will be nothing short of 110 percent top-shelf. If arthritis, migraines, insomnia, nausea and chronic pain are the ills that bedevil you, this potent cookie is admirably suited to give such symptoms the lullaby. And speaking of lullabies, this cookie is heavy on the indica side of the coin so consume this in the evening—perhaps with a warm glass of milk before bedtime. Sweet dreams.
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