June 7, 2012 04:37

Superman OG

From Greenhouse Care Group in Riverside, Superman OG should be considered the poster child of the fine art of cannabis cultivation—a true gift from the gods of cannabis. Its breathtaking physical beauty—fat, pear-shaped buds alive with just about every color in the marijuana spectrum—is matched only by its deep, ecstatic stone. The floating, rapturous high is almost a religious experience—you’ll truly believe a man (or woman) can fly. The cultivists behind Superman OG closely guard their secrets, but the variety is plainly well above 20 percent in THC and rumored to be extraordinarily high in CBDs. Of that we have little doubt: Along with its ferocious potency, it’s remarkably effective in relieving joint and muscle pain. That makes Superman OG an excellent home remedy for patients dealing with the painful muscle cramps associated with MS, or female patients with endometriosis.

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