June 7, 2012 04:35

Cherry AK-47

As much as some might prefer it if strains weren’t named after firearms, Cherry AK-47 packs a wallop that easily helps overcome that bias. The “cherry” in this aggressive variety from CCSC Melrose Premium in Los Angeles comes from the fruit-candy aroma—the actual taste is peppery, like that of fire-roasted chilies. Further enhancing the pepper theme is its heat and burn rate: Cherry AK-47 combusts quickly and yields a decidedly hot smoke, making it great for rolling but not recommended if you’re ailments are of the respiratory variety. But if you suffer from chronic muscle pain or nerve damage, the sheer potency of this indica-dominant strain is just the ticket. The stone hits immediately and with devastating effect. Tested at 27 percent in THC, Cherry AK-47 should be handled with care. Reach for it when in need of serious, long-term medicating (as when dealing with insomnia or no-fooling-around migraines), but you’d wise to leave it alone if you plan to do anything else except be utterly and completely stoned.

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