June 7, 2012 03:24

THC Treats Candied Corn

Popcorn is always associated with pleasant childhood memories: a night out at the movies . . . strolling across the midway at the county fair . . . a DVD-watching marathon at home. Fortunately, THC Treats Candied Corn brings back all those warm-and-fuzzy memories . .  and creates warm-and-fuzzy feelings for patients. This marijuana-infused treat—available at Emerald Gardens in Shoreline—is a candy-coated, mildly tart medley of sugar-kissed, corn syrup-embraced popcorn kernels just waiting to be enjoyed when the credits roll or when someone starts up a campfire. The body effects creep in slowly but surely like honey slowly drizzling down and around your limbs—and lasting several hours into your evening (see, perfect for watching a flick!). For patients who don’t like to taste their meds, there’s a mild “green” taste here, but it’s undercut by the tangy weetness and nuttiness from the popcorn. You might want to make it a Blockbuster night.

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