June 7, 2012 03:22

New York Pineapple Diesel

Okay, no disrespect on the Big Apple, but why does New York get all the cool stuff? From Greenside Medical in Seattle, this excellent Diesel variety should be nicknamed “sticky euphoria”—its fat, heart-shaped buds are so rich in resin you can mold them into any shape, and the stone is blissful to the point of a spiritual experience. The flavor isn’t so much pineapple as an even more exotic fruit, like guava and acai berry at once, while the aroma is, of course, shockingly piney as only a diesel can be. But back to that stone: Like most top-flight sativa strains, New York Pineapple Diesel expands the mind and emboldens the senses. It’s hard to sit still on this weed, or at least it would be hard to sit still were this particular weed not so potent as to make sitting down seem like such a good idea. Put another way, this couch-lock medicine with a vibrating couch. Patients with chronic migraines, muscle spasms and arthritis will find the strain invaluable.

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