June 7, 2012 03:21

TGA Subcool Jillybean

TGA Subcool seeds have an enviable reputation for greatness, and with Jillybean you see why the buzz is well-earned. The sativa-dominant hybrid we found at Columbia City Holistic Health in Seattle was like a revelatory bite of God’s own candy—small, rounded buds cherry-sweet to the nose and tongue, a lemony clean and smooth aftertaste and a colossal stone. The unassuming appearance of the dense buds, dollar-bill green run through with summer peach, in no way prepares you for that right-hook of a punch. It blindsides you, but in a happy-good way: with the sativa tickling your funny bone and the indica going all Swedish masseuse on your muscles. If you’re in construction or some other field that has you working out all day, TGA Subcool Jillybean is a great way to ease your pain at the end of it. We also hear it’s a good way to soothe chronic stomach pain.

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