June 7, 2012 02:10

Purple Urkle

Power to the purples. The dispensary A2C2 of San Jose has an insomnia-socking indica: the NorCal classic, Purple Urkle. After a hot, dirty, backbreaking day in the hills, Northern California growers naturally gravitated over the years to sweet-tasting, pain relieving, relaxing indicas. Purple Urkle is considered by many to be a phenotype of Mendo Purps, and A2C2’s cut has a smattering of the characteristic purple look—but it’s the sweet-grape smell that’s on point. This sample has an indica’s compactness and a hash plant’s over-saturated trichome production. The trichome heads are clear and full, indicating peak potency. Grinding elicits a punchy, sweet grape smell, while smoking adds an aftertaste that evokes Haze. Purple Urkle has found followers among the ranks of patients with insomnia, stress, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. Got grapes?
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