May 3, 2012 04:19

Sharin Medibles Honey Meed

While CULTURE runs into cannabis in many forms, tinctures and similar infusions only get on our radar every once in a while. And that’s a shame, because these forms of medicine are excellent ways to get the relief you’re looking for if flowers and edibles don’t work for you for whatever reason. And Honey Meed by Sharin Medibles, found at Seattle Quality Collective in south and north Seattle, is just the thing for super-fast relief. For those who don’t know, tinctures are alcohol extractions of cannabis that are made to be absorbed under the tongue (one to three drops per dose, in the case of Honey Meed), where it goes straight to the body and head. The sample we tried was made from a 50/50 hybrid strain, but we noted that body effects were the most predominant. Because of the speed of sublingual absorption is so fast, you’ll feel the effects quickly (tip: don’t swallow the extraction—you want to absorb it, not eat it!). And the effects are worth noting: Muscles un-knot. Pain fades away. Deep-down aches disappear. Definitely good to the last drop.

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