May 3, 2012 04:14

OG Kush

When the history of cannabis is written, OG Kush will be right up there with the invention of hydroponics as one of the great milestones of weed culture. The problem is finding genuine, honest-to-god OG Kush—so many lesser varieties on the market are passed off as the popular strain. Fortunately, the kind we sampled at Green Relief in Seattle’s Greenwood hood is pure, unadulterated and textbook—the Original Gangster of OG Kush. But just be clear: There’s no “kush” in OG Kush—it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, with the “OG” standing for “Ocean Grown.” The strain is easy to identify if you know what to look for: fluffy, popcorn-shaped buds swollen with resin; the near-total absence of stems; and lime-green leaves threaded with orange-red stigmas and sugar-frosted with glistening trichomes. The flavor is just as unique: pungent and sweet with an aftertaste that recalls lemon candy. The high comes on all at once—no creeping, steadily increasing buzz here, but a sudden shock to the system that overwhelms the senses and keeps you vibrating for hours. As such, it’s great for treating anxiety, stress, anorexia and chronic pain.

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