May 3, 2012 04:00

Suspiciously Delicious Monogrammed Truffles

OrganiCann of both Santa Rosa and Oakland carries some of the best-looking and best-tasting edibles in the world, as evinced by its dainty Suspiciously Delicious Monogrammed Truffles. They come in a tiny white box with ingredients including natural medicine, ganache and couverture chocolate (a high-quality chocolate made with extra cocoa butter). Inside, two thick, beautifully molded chocolates sit inside paper wrappers. The infused ganache interior is made with 54 percent cocoa butter, while the taste bud-tempting outside is lovingly made with 72 percent cocoa butter. Each truffle has a monogrammed cannabis leaf on it, ranking Suspiciously Delicious up with Bhang in terms of craftsmanship. The well-cured chocolate snaps with a bite, and the ganache is airy yet substantial. Expect a massive rush of rich dark chocolate, without a hint of cannabis. These truffles are relatively low potency, at “one-two doses” per truffle, but use caution with such delectable little morsels. It would be easy to feast on these. Patients report these edibles are highly useful for eliminating physical pain and combating insomnia.
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