May 3, 2012 03:54


We love it when we see any strains with California classic OG Kush in them, and that goes double for expert cuts like this Headband from CHA Wellness in Union City. Also called Sour Kush, Headband is an uplifting sativa that can cause feelings of light pressure around the forehead, some patients report. Our relatively huge colas reeked very, very strongly of sourness like its parents Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Both of those strains are children of Chemdawg, known the world over for its sour fuel smell and maxed-out THC content. CHA’s stash measures up. The strain we reviewed was expertly grown, matured and well-cured. The strong yet smooth smoke felt exceedingly clean. Patients report being able to use Headband in the daytime to treat stress and anxiety while maintaining energy. Headband may also be useful for zapping PMS.

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