May 3, 2012 03:53

7 Stars Cookies

The award-winning 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center in Richmond has its own version of Girl Scout Cookies, and this so-called “7 Stars Cookies” could easily become a benchmark for the beloved, hyped strain. Girl Scout Cookies’ foundation is either Cherry Kush or Grand Daddy Purple—both provide baseline attributes of a sweet, grapey, dense indica. Layered atop is the smell of sour fuel and sweet candy from the genetics of American sativa OG Kush and South African sativa Durban Poison. Together, 7 Stars Cookies presents itself as a hyper-dense OG Kush that is mottled purple and double-rolled in trichomes. Maximally sticky and resin-y, this strain is well-cured also. Grinding elicits an olfactory combination greater than its parts: rich and earthy. It tastes great, too; bringing back the sour lemon and grape. Patients report it’s effective against pain, insomnia and stress. The hybrid’s effects last extremely long and can cause drowsiness.

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