May 3, 2012 03:30

Sucker Punch

The sucker punch: not just for cowards anymore! Plus, if you’re thinking about punching anything, you could probably use a good edible to chill out. TinctureBelle has got your back, with a one-two combo of a flavored sucker and fruit punch that delivers 245mg of total THC. Bam! Courtesy of MMJFarm.com, this is one of the only combo edibles we’ve had the pleasure of seeing. The punch itself is non-carbonated and has a re-sealable cap, so patients can expect multiple doses from each bottle. While we’d prefer a natural sweetener to the corn syrup, this tastes exactly like your favorite tropical red beverage with just a tinge of medicated flavor. Unlike the drink, there are three flavors of suckers: Hashberry, Twisted Tangerine and Apple Chazberry. In the end, we wound up crushing the sucker and enjoying the candy sans stick. The high potency levels and great flavor define the Sucker Punch, so we consider this one a T.K.O.

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