May 3, 2012 03:28


Many of us thought that the math we learned in school was something we’d never use again. When it comes to grams and ounces, it pays to be a good student. Kilo, a smart rebranding from the original Killa-Watt, makes us think that metric system may not be that bad. Coming to us from Heavenly Medical in Colorado Springs, this indica-dominant hybrid is stunning in the jar, with trichomes that glisten; almost like it’s winking at you a thousand times a second. In Colorado’s dry climate, it’s nice to break open buds that still stick to your fingers like the Kilo. The smell matches the taste perfectly, a kind of passion fruit and kiwi earthiness usually reserved for juice bars in Chile. A nice contrast from other Kush varietals, this is the perfect daytime smoke for those with a high tolerance and a high demand on their time. Several reviewers note that while pain and anxiety were greatly diminished, they are still highly productive despite the indica designation. Sometimes, just feeling great is enough motivation to get things done.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
Available at various collectives throughout California.The Bay Area’s Bloom Farms™ continues to make a splash with their gorgeous, elegant HIGHLIGHTER™ vape pen and cartridges. They come in...