May 3, 2012 03:26


One of the hottest shows on television is HBO’s Game of Thrones, which takes dragons out of the dungeons and into the living room. When we found the topically named Dragon at Mind, Body, Spirit in Lakewood, there was definitely one thing they had in common: fire. This mysterious traveler of unknown genetics stood out with its moss green calyxes surrounded by a dense, burnt orange thicket of hairs. Winter must be coming, because Dragon has a nice dusting of snow-like trichomes as well. From the density and nose, we’d guess this beast once took residence in the mountainous Kush region, smelling like someone has set a large stack of candy tires ablaze. Don’t be fooled, though: this is the opposite of flying. A roughly 90-percent indica, you’ll feel a lot less like terrifying villagers and much more likely to retire to your cave for a nap. Immediately felt behind the eyes, muscle tension and spasms went up in smoke, but time also seemed to “drag on.” Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

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