April 6, 2012 02:52

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze has been around a while—the Lemon Skunk/Super Silver Haze cross was a Cannabis Cup winner back when George. W. Bush was in office. But as any cannabis producer will tell you, strains will evolve up or down in quality over time, depending on how and where they’re cultivated. This Super Lemon Haze—the we got from Fweedom Collective in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood—is without a doubt an evolutionary leap forward. It’s better than before: better, stronger, faster. While Fweedom’s Super Lemon Haze is the same frost-tinged verdant green color one expects to see in the strain, the buds are larger, rounder and much more fragrant. The leaves are wider and thicker, too, which, in our humble opinion, makes for a cleaner and smoother burn. While the variety has a reputation for producing a lofty, clear-headed high, the stone here is much more intoxicating and full-bodied. The soaring, unfettered sensation is still there, but with a deep-seated feeling of being on solid ground. That makes it the right remedy for panic disorders, work-related stress and nagging back pain.

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