April 6, 2012 02:46

Papa’s Candy

If this is Papa’s Candy, you gotta wonder what he has for dessert. From the geniuses at Apothecary in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district, this gem is every bit as exotic a creation as you’d expect from a 50-50 hybrid officially described as a cross between White Pakistani and “a plant from Laos.” Who knew such a union would birth buds so rich in THC-laden resin you can shape them into anything you want and so potent it the leaves the tongue numb? As its name suggests, the fluffy dark buds of Papa’s Candy provides an unmistakable sweet aftertaste, not unlike that of (believe it or not) chocolate-covered cherries. The stone will body-slam you into submission. Unless you’re a seasoned cannabis patient, you may not want to smoke too much of this in one sitting if you’re planning on doing anything else all day except sit. As a medicine, it’s outstanding for arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, migraines, cancer and the symptoms of AIDS/HIV.

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