April 6, 2012 02:45


Any strain with the balls to call itself Jazz had better be good. Fortunately, this unusual sativa-dominant hybrid from Puget Sound Health Alternatives in Seattle’s Interbay neighborhood has everything it needs to pull off such an audacious boast. For starters, it has an aesthetic beauty that’s wholly unique, with fat elongated buds like fingerling potatoes and deep brown and mint-colored grooves and crevasses throughout like a morel cap. Plus, while most strains can be said to have an exotic aroma and taste, Jazz offers something so different it’s hard to identify—an earthy, almost nutmeg profile that’s entirely pleasing to the senses. But nothing so pleases as Jazz’s stone: smooth and fuzzy-warm, with not a single edge or sharp corner anywhere. It’s that kind of sweet molasses high that puts the honesty in this strain’s name—it’s the kind of joyful high one would enjoy nestled in the depths of a saxophone-filled New Orleans supper club. When you’re feeling the blues from anxiety, stress and chronic nerve or muscle pain, Jazz may be even better than Coltrane for lifting the spirits.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
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