April 6, 2012 02:22

Ganja Mango Lassi

THCafe’s Ganja Mango Lassi pushes the envelope of cannabis edibles by stimulating the human biome. For every cell in your body there are nine cells that are not you. Mostly they are different types of bacteria. In peak condition, the human body and its bacteria co-exist, but when we’re sick, our biome can become imbalanced. Ganja Mango Lassi (from the good folks at Harborside Health Center) is the first product we know of to contain probiotics, which can help correct a biome. It has living yogurt cultures in it—like acidophilus—that are good for the body. Since it’s alive, keep the beverage frozen until use, then shake well and drink. With high fructose corn syrup and mango puree, it’s sweet, creamy, super-fruity, tart and only slightly herby. The 0.5 grams of 70-30 sativa-dominant bubble hash can make for a strong, uplifting hybrid cannabis effect. Treats weight loss, depression, PMS, spasticity and HIV-associated neuropathy.

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