April 6, 2012 02:18

Cherry AK

Like its peer, Haze, AK-47 offers a superb blend of landrace sativa genetics from across the tropical and subtropical zones of Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and Afghanistan. Also like Haze, AK-47 plays well with others, making it a partner in many, many hit strains. But at Berkeley Patient’s Care Collective, AK-47 stands alone, as Cherry AK, the more sought-after, fruity phenotype of AK-47. This gorgeous girl has a sativa’s over-abundant trichomes with a skunky, cheesy, citrus smell that takes over a room. Very light green with sparse, beautiful, strawberry-blond hairs, she’s denser than a standard sativa. On the grind, new notes of pine and berry appear, and the taste explains the name—a hearty berry note both unexpected and delightful. Expect energizing sativa effects which can make this strain especially useful in treating depression, chronic pain, alcoholism and PMS.

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