April 6, 2012 01:53


Sometimes a strain jumps out at you for the strangest reasons, and usually it’s in the name. While we hate to judge buds by their jar labels, a catchy moniker can help you stand out. Just ask the dispensaries who started selling Linsanity OG, named for the Knicks point guard, only to receive cease-and-desist letters from his lawyers in March. Well, it would be madness to pass on RD-12 from Green Grass Alternative Medicine in Central City. RD-12, a.k.a. Really Dank 12 or Debilitator (which sounds like an intense metal band), is a one-of-a-kind cross between Shiva, Big Bud and a mysterious Hawaiian indica. The sample we copped had gorgeous light purple flecks and tremendous density, making our five-piece grinder work to break it down. Big notes of blueberries and skunk were powerful enough to double-bag what was left over. Almost immediately, there was a strong rooting feeling, tethering us to whatever seat our butts landed in. Taken before sleep, it was refreshing to wake up the next morning, instead of multiple times during the night from sleeping on a bad shoulder. Definitely not recommended for morning use, it turns out that “Debilitator” is an apt nickname after all.

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