April 6, 2012 01:02

Zen Strips

If you walk the smokeless path and just don’t have the stomach for edibles, Zen OC in Anaheim has just the thing: Zen Strips—just what the doctor recommended. These bright green, gelatin-like strips (imagine the texture of a thin fruit roll-up) can be placed under the tongue (or in your cheek) for easy absorption. Taste-wise, we picked up on that hash-y spiciness so characteristic of concentrates-infused edibles. And while the physical results we got—a very relaxed and sedated state of affairs when it came to our limbs and torso—were profound the head change was strong, but still lucid (despite that fact that Zen OC says the strips are packed with a whopping 66.5 percent THC!). Once the Strips kick in, imagine your head enshrouded in gauze or  looking out at the world through an opaque fishbowl. These postage stamp-sized edibles are convenient, fast-acting and excellent for muscle and nerve pain.

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